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Lorena Garay  /  F O U N D E R  /  Graphic & Web Designer

Welcome to G Studio Designs. I am excited you stopped by!
My name is Lorena but I´m called Lore for short. I am a Freelance Visual/UI Designer for Leading Creative Studios around the Globe. At G Studio I design web and mobile interfaces, with a solid understanding of branding as well.  Working from Argentina to the World!!

I work in the fields of logo design, UI design, print design and marketing banners with Adobe® Collection knowledge. Specialized in Entertainment, Gambling, Fashion and NGOs marketing industries.

Why to choose my G Studio Designs:

10 years of experience designing for a variety of different mediums.
– Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.
– I am highly organized and have great communication skills.
– I am an entrepreneurial self-starter but also a team player.
– I have the ability to multi-task, I prioritize and organize work to meet deadlines and requests without fail.
– I have graphical and visual design skills, including use of software such as Adobe or other tools for graphic design.
– I have xperience with CSS coding. Familiarity with WordPress and front-end development.
– I create visuals that make the viewer stop in their tracks, take notice, and care.
– I know how to give your audience something that’s interesting, relevant, and valuable.
– I live to create stunning imagery.
– Trusted by major brands

Full fresh and creative ideas.

G Studio is my creative art studio in which I develop graphic & web services for Leading Agencies and clients around the globe.

G is for graphic design + my last name.

I have a deep understanding of the challenge the shift from traditional to digital poses not only to beauty brands and products publishers, but to entrepreneurs and companies as well. With 11 years of marketing and digital expertise, I know how to make your brand speak to consumers. I support small entrepreneurs in finding new business opportunities as well.

Knowing your product´s power is in the hands of a studio who designs on a professional level, will give you peace of mind. I help established brands work harder, and guide bloggers and small business on their new journey. And I do it all in a deeply collaborative way, working closely together with my clients to find creative solutions that help them succeed.

How do I do it


Getting to know your company is such a key part for me to help grow your brand effectively. Target audience, company vision/mission, demographics, and even color scheme preferences are some of the aspects of your project I will ask you about.


I will then create and conceptualize your designs. For me, this means mind mapping and sketching out ideas (especially with logos) until a few strong concepts are achieved.


Once strongest sketches are narrowed down, I will take a picture of those sketches and bring them into a digital form. Your designs will be edited and honed to finalized options that will be sent via email for your review. I offer unlimited revisions as well! To go beyond your expectations by creating quality graphic design work that aligns perfectly with your target market and brand. This is why unlimited revisions are always included.